Design policy

Kassidy Graphics 


I require high quality or professional images for ALL graphics. The info you provide has to be typed. I do not accept screenshots.DO NOT BOOK IF YOU CAN NOT PROVIDE ME WITH SUCH. 



Color scheme, hex codes, social handles, email & any contact info.

Here’s a link for hex codes.

-specify how you want it to look

-design info 

Designing process and free styling 

If you are unsure of a look you are going for, please do not book. As a designer I am able to freestyle. But it is frustrating and time consuming when you do not have a vision, you aren’t pleased with my freestyle and request several revisions. In order to avoid any confusion, I need an idea or some sort of vision. Google or look on Pinterest for ideas. If you do choose to let me freestyle, please understand that my vision for your business is not equivalent to yours.